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In this section you can buy the Lamps for Lada Niva 1600.

Lamps of a halogen type are considered to be those types of lamps that are filled with a certain buffer gas. These are halogen pairs, such as iodine or bromine. From such a technology, halogen lamps have got their name, and due to their irreplaceable properties, they are widely used in lighting optics devices on cars of modern manufacturers.

Halogen lamps differ from conventional incandescent bulbs with their smaller overall dimensions, as well as a more durable and practical design in durable use.
When choosing the right halogen lamp for your car, the most important parameter is the base, which is different on different models of cars, ranging from H1 to HB5.
Modern halogen lamps, in large quantities presented in this section of the store, can be installed in various optical lighting devices, depending on which effect and intensity of illumination it is necessary to obtain. Also halogen lamps are often replaced by a failed lamp of the regular type.

Among the many distinctive features that halogen lamps possess, we can note a significantly increased term of exploitation, as well as a new level of illumination obtained under optimal modes of use with a greater degree of energy savings. Optimum level of light output, characteristic for most halogen lamp models is from 15 to 22lm / W.
In the range of our store you can always find the most diverse models of halogen lamps, including also high-brightness lamps that can simulate white xenon light, as well as standard models of lamps with a glow of yellow hue.

Thanks to the developing technologies of manufacturing high-quality and practical in use devices for automotive optics, presented in a wide range of halogen lamps, it is guaranteed to provide the proper level of illumination.

To ensure the correct installation of new halogen lamps, the best solution is to apply for qualified services to car service professionals in order to avoid possible errors during installation, which will ensure the maximum possible and effective operation of lamps under any conditions.