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Shock Absorber

In this section you can buy the shock absorber for Lada RIVA 2101-2107.

Front shock absorber struts, so do they really need them?
Observing at least once, for races like rally, you could notice how much on those cars, the suspension affects the outcome of the competition. Even if, your car does not participate in all sorts of races, it all just needs a working suspension. Since it depends not only on comfort, your movement on the car, but also on safety. The front suspension, plays a major role, in driving. Therefore, the breakdown of any part in the front suspension, most often turns into a big loss. In front-wheel drive cars of a budget class, in most cases, a front suspension of the type "MacPherson" is installed. Its application is conditioned by a number of positive qualities, which include: simplicity and cheapness in maintenance and for its work a minimal under-hood space is necessary. In the running of this type, the front shock absorber strut assumes not only a damping function, but in addition, it acts as the turning axis of the wheel. And in this regard, the front shock absorbers can not be left in a faulty condition.

What are the options for repairing the front pillars?
The first thing that comes to mind is the banal replacement of faulty shock absorbers, with new ones. This path is the simplest, and at the same time the most expensive, because, as new shock absorber stands, are worth an order of magnitude more expensive than replacing their counterparts. The second, more budgetary variant of repair, is to buy and replace, the rack-mount shock absorber. Since most of the shock absorber racks are of a collapsible type, and only the worn out inner elements of the shock absorber can be replaced. This will, restore the former quality of the rack, and at the same time, reduce the cost of repairs. The last and most economical option for rebuilding the rack is the replacement of worn out parts of the internal damper. When repairing the rack will need: repair kit shock absorber, a little knowledge of the device is stable, and a great desire, because this process is not from the lungs. Of course, if you do not have the necessary knowledge and tools, then in this case, you can use the services of the SRT. Only, unfortunately, a little at which stations those. service, will take up this type of work. Because, he is very expensive for temporary resources. In any case, when you decide to repair the car, you first need to buy racks and shock absorbers front for the car. To implement this action, you should use the services, time-tested, the site of the online car parts store "PARTLADA". It presents a wide range of quality spare parts at very attractive prices.