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Interior lights

In this section you can buy theĀ Interior lights for Lada Niva 1600.

Gone are the days when the interior of the car was illuminated by one lantern. Today, car interior lighting is a separate system that combines many elements and provides comfort for passengers and safety for others in various conditions.

The car interior lighting system implements several functions:

proper interior lighting;
reading light;
glove box lighting;
luggage compartment lighting;
cosmetic mirror lights;
footwell lighting;
interior door handle lights;
warning light in the doors and trunk lid.
The specific list of functions is determined by the model and vehicle equipment.

For interior lighting, glove box, luggage compartment, vanity mirror, legroom, interior door handle, warning light are used ceiling lamps (lanterns) of various designs. A typical ceiling lighting consists of a light source, body, lens and connector. An ordinary incandescent lamp or LED is used as a light source.

LEDs, which, in addition to low power consumption and long service life, have compact dimensions, are gaining more and more popularity in car interior lighting. The thickness of the ceiling lighting with LEDs is less than 10 millimeters, which allows them to be used in various parts of the cabin without restrictions.

Lamps have an individual control algorithm. Interior lighting is activated automatically or automatically when you open the car door. When you open the car door in the dark, the lights for the legs automatically work, warning light in the doors and the trunk lid. The need to turn on the backlight is determined by the signal of the light sensor.

The backlight of the glove box and luggage compartment is automatically triggered when they are opened. To implement the illumination, a limit switch in the storage box (luggage compartment) is used. The light of the cosmetic mirror is activated when the mirror is opened and turns off when the mirror is closed or the sun visor is turned. The interior door handle is illuminated automatically when the ignition is turned on.

Car interior lighting
Interior lighting and reading lights are usually combined into modular structures, the so-called. ceiling console. Ceiling console can be installed for each row of passengers in the car. To create a bright and directional light reading lights are equipped with reflectors.
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