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In this section you can buy the rubber parts for Lada NIVA 1600.

The importance of using silent blocks, for proper operation of the suspension.
Having a car in possession, every car enthusiast should be aware of the importance of rubber-metal hinges installed in the running gear of his vehicle. From the integrity of the silentblock suspension lever, and depends on the overall performance of running. Since, these hinges are a connecting element, between the lever and the body of the car. The destruction of the rubber part of the silentblock may cause damage to the bracket to which the suspension arm is attached. And also, to the destruction of the lever itself. Therefore, these hinges should be inspected every 50 000 km., And if any damage is found, replace them immediately. Also, in the automotive parts market, you can find more robust analogues made from polyurethane. These silentblocks, have a long service life, but at the same time, they set very biting prices. Due to the latter, the very reason for the purchase disappears. Since the price tag, can increase five times, relative to the price, the standard silentblock. Mostly, hinges made of polyurethane, installed on sports cars. Since, the rigidity of these rubber blocks is much higher than that of rubber hinges. What gives the car suspension, additional rigidity and consistency.

What are the symptoms of a worn out silentblock?
Using a car as a means of transportation, some drivers do not think that the car requires care, and even can not notice the extraneous sounds that come from the suspension of their iron horse. An attentive motorist, always draws his attention, to the newly emerged extraneous noise emanating from the car. And he tries to get rid of them, by replacing worn out knots. The first urges of the destroyed silentblocks of the lower suspension arms are braying sounds created when passing "speed bumps" or driving on a dirt road. The appearance of these noises, should alert the car owner. Since, ignoring such breakdowns, usually leads to more ruinous repairs. In which are included not only silentblocks, but also upper levers, and their brackets. In order to avoid expensive repairs to the suspension of the car, you need to periodically inspect the chassis of the machine, and if necessary, replace the resources that have come to their disposal, the nodes. Buying necessary spare parts for your car, you should use the site auto parts stores "PARTLADA", as, on it is presented a wide range of all necessary spare parts for your car, at very favorable prices.