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Vacuum brake boosters

In this section you can buy the vacuum brake boosters for Lada Niva 1600.

In our store there are vacuum amplifiers TRW, Torgmash
To reduce the pressure on the brake pedal, the vacuum brake booster VAZ is used. A standard vacuum amplifier is not able to provide the necessary effort to stop tuning a car with a large capacity.

The larger the diameter of the vacuum amplifier, the lesser the driver needs to stop the car. The standard LADA vacuum amplifier can also undergo tuning in order to reduce the brake pedal force, this effect is achieved by increasing the spring stiffness or reducing the stroke of the spring that presses the diaphragm of the vacuum amplifier.

The maximum effect of the brake system can only be obtained by completing it in the complex. For better braking, you need to replace the LADA vacuum brake booster, install the LADA rear disc brakes, install larger front brake discs, adjust the brake force distribution and the handbrake.