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Cooling system

In the catalog of the PARTLADA store there is a wide range of radiators for the cooling system, nozzles, fans for Lada Niva cars. You can choose products from the list or call us for an individual order. All the details fully meet the factory requirements and are installed without problems.

Efficiently functioning cooling system on LADA NIVA allows the engine to operate in the optimal mode, neither overloaded, nor overheating. But if there is an increase in the temperature of the engine, then something happened with the cooling system. The task of the car owner is to do everything possible to reduce the heating. We have the main elements of the cooling system for Lada Niva cars.

Currently available for order:

  • radiators for cooling;
  • nipples of the cooling system;
  • cooling fans.

The assortment is constantly expanding and replenished with new spare parts. All elements of the cooling system are certified and have a factory warranty. We offer original details, the quality of which is documented. The goods are available in stock, which allows you to quickly deliver orders.

To place an order, add the necessary details to the cart and pay the order.

In this section you can buy the Cooling system for Lada Niva 1600.