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Brake kit

In this section you can buy the brake kit for Lada 2101-2107.

The device of a support
We go further. Mechanisms of the front axle - disk, consisting of supports with the main brake elements - shoes, and brake discs.
The support is a body, with the cylinders made in it for the pistons. They have this model - two, one for each shoe.
Pistons calipers look like a glass, which is placed in their cylinders, but on it they can move. To prevent leakage of liquid, the pistons are wearing sealing rings.
Pads are small metal plates, on which the lining of friction material is glued.
Brake disc - made of metal, for better adhesion to the surface of shoes, its lateral surfaces are well processed, so that there are no protrusions and shells on them.
The work of LADA brakes is performed as follows: the liquid moves into the cylinders of the caliper, where it begins to eject the pistons. Those come out of the cylinders, pressing the pads to the disk.

The device of the brake mechanism of a back axis
The rear axle brake system LADA has a different device. All its elements are hidden inside the brake drum:
The working brake cylinder LADA has such a device: there is a body, it is a cylinder, with two pistons placed in it. When the fluid pressure is applied, they exit the cylinder.
Pads - metal, made in the form of crescents, on the top edge of them are glued the friction. Pads installed on the hub form a ring.
In the lower part of the pads are installed in the seats placed under them, and in the upper part - into grooves made in the pistons. To spontaneously pads are not bred, they are tightened by springs. The parking brake mechanism is also located there.
On top of this, everything is dressed on the drum hub shaft. When braking, the liquid pushes the pistons, and since their pockets include pads, this movement of the pistons is accompanied by discordance of the pads. At the same time they are pressed against the drum and the rotation slows down.