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In this section you can buy the stabilizers for Lada NIVA 1600.

Let's see why the car does not overturn in high-speed corners?
Previously produced cars did not have anything similar to the anti-roll bar. And therefore, could not boast of high-speed passage of turns. Their primitive suspension design, the most that it had, is the springs, which at that time were the most comfortable kind of undercarriage. In addition, the then engines, did not allow to develop high speed. That, in turn, allowed not to use the stabilizer. Since the speed in the turns was quite small, and allowed to keep the car on wheels, by means of other parts of the suspension. The first analogues, the modern stabilizer of lateral stability, began to be installed on cars participating in various competitions and races. The reason for the introduction of the stabilizer in the suspension of racing cars, served, the acute need for passing corners, at a higher speed, in order to achieve the highest results in the race. Providing a huge increase in stability of the car in the turn, all automakers began to use stabilizers of lateral stability, since this increased not only the speed of the car in a corner, but also the passive safety of the entire car. What allowed marketers, attract more potential buyers who were concerned about the safety of movement, on this type of transport.

Do I need to change the anti-roll bar?
At its core, the stabilizer has no wear and can last for a very long time. The maximum that can happen is that the stabilizer can lose its former elasticity, and it will perform its functions worse. Of course, there are different situations in life and after a severe accident, the stabilizer of lateral stability will need to be replaced. The replacement process itself is not complicated, and it can be done on its own. If you do not have the strength or desire, then this work can be done at a maintenance station, for a certain number of banknotes. For replacement, you will need to buy a new stabilizer. When buying, it is worth remembering that the stabilizers of lateral stability are made of special spring steel, and the use of a counterfeit detail may result in loss of control over the car at the time of turning. Therefore, to buy a stabilizer at a reasonable price and be sure of its reliability, you should order all necessary spare parts on the site auto parts stores "PARTLADA". As, on it the wide choice of auto parts is presented, under very attractive prices.