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Brake pads

In this section you can buy the brake pads for Lada 2101-2107.

Brake pads on the LADA - a very important element of the brake system of the car, directly affecting its effectiveness. The standard brake pads installed by the vehicle manufacturer are often not enough with an active driving style. Frequent acceleration and braking leads to the fact that the temperature of the brake pad is exceeded, and its efficiency drops sharply. The drop in the overall efficiency of the braking system leads to a deterioration in the handling of the car, causes a reduction in speed and greatly worsens the results, if it is a question of some kind of competition. But in the case of civilian driving, the consequences can be even worse - the low efficiency of the braking system affects exactly when you expect the least. When choosing brake pads LADA, always be guided by the expected driving style. For moderate urban driving, there is no point in putting pads with a high temperature threshold - they need to be warmed up so that their efficiency reaches an optimal level. For an aggressive driving style and amateur competitions, choose brake pads with a higher temperature range - their effectiveness with frequent braking will not fall, remaining at the desired level and providing you with an excellent result.