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In this section you can buy the springs for Lada Niva 1600.

Elastic suspension parts, and why are we so comfortable?
The first car-like vehicles were created as far back as the 18th century, and already then, springs were applied on them. In the courtyard of the 21 century, and until now, the springs do not lose their relevance. They are widely used in freight transport, large and small payloads, on trailers and high-grade cars. But springs, there are more technological and modern competitors, these are springs, which are used absolutely on all overland modes of transport, including cargo. They are installed both on the front part of the suspension and on the rear chassis. Widely distributed, the springs received due to their smaller size, relatively springs and ease of use.

What is the role of the rear springs in the suspension of the lada car?
At the car, the suspension is divided into the front and rear, directly from the softness and stiffness of the running gear, the comfort and stability of the car depends, while driving on the road. The characteristics of the rear suspension, as directly affect the behavior of the car, like the front suspension. Depending on what behavior of the car, the driver wants to achieve while driving, with such characteristics and you need to buy the springs of the rear suspension. In general, the springs play a key role in the operation of the suspension, since they weigh the entire mass of the car, with the exception of unsprung mass. And if, the spring eventually loses its elastic properties, it affects the work of the entire suspension. When upgrading the car to a more sporting mode, the rear springs, also require their replacement, for more sporting analogs in their characteristics. When installing rigid springs, it is also necessary to install shock absorbers with more progressive characteristics, otherwise the car suspension will not work properly and will only bring discomfort. Again, with rigid shock absorbers and soft springs installed, the suspension of your car will not give the desired result, and it will also cause discomfort. For this, if you want to give the suspension of your car a more snooty character, change racks and springs together, this will give the suspension of your car the required characteristics. And for the purchase of rear springs for Lada cars, you should go to the site auto parts stores "PARTLADA", on his presentation a wide range of all necessary goods at very favorable prices.