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In this section you can buy the rods for Lada Niva 1700.

Benefits of using levers in the suspension.
The creation, while comfortable, and assembled in bends, suspension for the car, it took many centuries, and now, the designers came very close to the combination of these two criteria, when developing the chassis. The course of the car affects not only the characteristics of the springs and pillars of shock absorbers, but also the type of suspension used. Running, is divided into two main types: dependent and independent. Dependent suspension, mainly used on the rear axle of the vehicle and is a single bridge or beam on which both wheels are attached. The independent undercarriage, there is a wide variety of designs, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Already in an independent suspension, the wheels located on one axis are connected to each other, only by a transverse stabilizer. This allows you to create a high level of comfort, while maintaining the minimum rolls of the body of the car, when cornering. In all types of independent suspension, in the design, there are levers. Thanks to these levers, it became possible to disengage the work of the suspension of one axle, and at the same time, not only maintain, but also improve the characteristics of the entire running gear of the car.

What are the most common types of pendants that use levers?
After the first introduction of the levers, new types of running gear began to appear in the front suspension, the differences of which were not limited only to the complexity of the design. Also, they differed in the level of comfort, improved controllability and the degree of simplicity in service. The most budgetary in content and simple in the structure, is a suspension type "MacPherson". Her device contains only one lower lever, since, the upper part of the pivot, is attached to the shock absorber strut. This makes it possible to reduce the number of ball supports, thereby reducing weaknesses. Next comes a two-link suspension. It has more precise steering and increased stability of the car on the road, compared with the previous type of running. But also in service requires more attention and money. A closes the top three popular types of independent suspension, multi-link chassis. She does not spare the car owner's purse, since it is the most multi-component and difficult-to-maintain suspension present on the car market. But at the same time, it allows you to feel real comfort and pleasure, from driving. This is due to a large number of levers, embedded in the structure of the rear suspension, ensuring a minimum swing of the wheels, when traveling deformed segments of the road. And the maximum insulation of the body from vibration, thanks to a large number of silent blocks. A suspension of this type, mainly installed on cars, premium brands. And against the background of the cost of the entire car, it no longer looks so expensive, in terms of content. Since, the car suspension on our roads is a consumable, it sometimes needs repair and replacement of the main parts, such as the front suspension levers. When buying a left or right lever, do not close your eyes to the place where you buy them. Because, on their quality, your safety depends! On this, what to buy, leverage suspension, at a very attractive price and the highest quality, you should order them on the site auto parts stores "PARTLADA", which

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