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In this section you can buy the polyurethane partsĀ for Lada NIVA 1700.

The use of polyurethane parts in the suspension of the car
Parts made of polyurethane contribute to improving the characteristics of the suspension of the car. For example, the response time to the steering wheel is shortened - the steering becomes "sharper", the body rolls are reduced as the corners pass. In general, the geometry of the suspension acquires more stable values, which is important for safe and comfortable operation of the vehicle.

Preservation of polyurethane characteristics in a wide range of temperatures and its high wear resistance - guarantee the effective operation of parts from this material in different climatic conditions. Using polyurethane parts allows you to increase the overhaul interval and reduce the cost of servicing the suspension.
Competent and professional use of polyurethane parts, including their selection, installation and operation - is a guarantee of long and trouble-free operation of the suspension of your car.