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Brake repair kits

In this section you can buy the brake repair kits for Lada Niva 1700.

Repair Kit for brakes

The support is the base that holds and clamps the brake pads. This mechanism, without fail, must be periodically checked for serviceability. A reliable and qualitatively repaired carriage is a pledge of safety and proper braking of the vehicle. If this part has been damaged, it can be repaired. In cases where the possibility of restoration of the support is excluded, a complete replacement of the component is carried out. The support in case of a malfunction can be reanimated on its own, namely, disassemble, clean and replace some parts.

In general, the repair kit of the support consists of the following items:

- clamping springs of shoes;

- the pins of the brake pads;

- cotter pins;

- springs.