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In this catalog of the online store PARTLADA presented clutch kits for cars Lada Niva. In addition, you can pick up individual components for your car - baskets, couplings, clutch disks. We sell only high-quality spare parts from leading manufacturers. All the parts have the proper motor resource and are installed without any problems, without requiring a constructive alteration of the car.

The offered sets will provide smoothness of a course and easy switching of transfers, and also effective use of traction characteristics of the car. When choosing a clutch, it is necessary to pay attention to the following factors:

  • the plane of the friction lining - it must be uniform, without ticks, cracks, chips;
  • on the disk there should be no oil stains;
  • the riveting must be uniform and identical;
  • Do not allow damage to the splines;
  • dampers, springs and lining should be free of play.

We can buy quality kits at the manufacturer's price. We sell certified spare parts with an official factory warranty. A wide choice allows to pick up details for all existing models and years of release of a car with various types of manual transmission.

In this section you can buy the Clutch for Lada Niva 1600.