• Brakes

    Looking for high quality brake components LADA NIVA? Please, contact us! The catalog of the online store PARTLADA presents a large selection of accessories for all models and years of production of domestic cars of this brand. All sold products are certified, meet the high safety standards and requirements of the manufacturer.

    The LADA brakes presented in the assortment are made by well-known domestic companies and belong to the category of premium segment accessories. Thanks to the use of modern technologies by the manufacturers, advanced design and engineering solutions, as well as high-quality materials, the products have exceptional operational properties. At us it is possible to buy any elements of brake system LYADA NIVA - disks and колодки, cables of a lay brake, drums, vacuum amplifiers, repair complete sets, linings and adapters. We also sell certified brake fluids.

    Proposed products are different:

    • increased resistance to wear;
    • resistance to temperature and pressure changes;
    • good adhesion with any pads;
    • the possibility of rapid braking, regardless of the speed limit.

    Due to the presence of perforation on the plane of the discs, there is no gas cushion and a rapid drainage of moisture is ensured. Unique cleaning incisions permanently eliminate contamination from the surface, increasing the efficiency of braking.

    Turning to us, you can buy LADA NIVA brakes on the most favorable terms. We carry out direct deliveries from the manufacturer, therefore we form the most loyal prices. We have a flexible system of discounts and special offers, we constantly hold promotions. All spare parts presented in the catalog are available in warehouses, which allows you to quickly organize the delivery to any country.

    In this section you can buy the Brakes for Lada Niva 1600.

  • Lights

    Quality, effective and reliable headlights installed on your car - a guarantee of a full degree of safety when driving in the dark, as well as with limited visibility conditions. These headlights on Lada niva, which you can buy today quickly and simply, are characterized by the most modern technical parameters, thanks to which you will feel more confident in any situation.

    The headlights on the Lada niva car, which will be the optimal solution to purchase, have chrome frames and in addition to the main components, are also equipped with daytime running lights. Thus, such optics not only provide you with reliable high-performance lighting, but it will also be a good addition to the overall car exterior, adding special features to it.

    The presented headlights on the Lada niva, which you can buy in the online store, is best installed in a specialized installation center to prevent mistakes that negatively affect the correctness and duration of the new optics.

  • Body Parts

    In the catalog of the PARTLADA store there is a wide range of body parts for Lada cars. You can choose products from the list or call us for an individual order. All the details fully meet the factory requirements and are installed without problems.

    The body of LADA NIVA is a rigid, all-metal, non-separable construction, made of steel. It undergoes anticorrosion treatment by hot-dip galvanizing, which allows to provide a high level of resistance to aggressive external influences. However, as a result of an accident or severe impacts, the body elements can be subjected to significant deformations. Their repair is not capable of providing the same operational resource as the new parts. We have basic body parts for Lada niva cars.

    Currently available for order:

    • trunk lids;
    • front and rear doors;
    • hoods;
    • roofs;
    • individual parts (handles, bolts, fastenings and much more).

    The assortment is constantly expanding and replenished with new spare parts. All body parts are certified and have factory warranty. We offer original details, the quality of which is documented. The goods are available in stock, which allows you to quickly deliver orders.

    You can order the details both in the phone mode and on the company's website.

    In this section you can buy the Body Parts for Lada Niva 1600.

  • Clutch

    In this catalog of the online store PARTLADA presented clutch kits for cars Lada Niva. In addition, you can pick up individual components for your car - baskets, couplings, clutch disks. We sell only high-quality spare parts from leading manufacturers. All the parts have the proper motor resource and are installed without any problems, without requiring a constructive alteration of the car.

    The offered sets will provide smoothness of a course and easy switching of transfers, and also effective use of traction characteristics of the car. When choosing a clutch, it is necessary to pay attention to the following factors:

    • the plane of the friction lining - it must be uniform, without ticks, cracks, chips;
    • on the disk there should be no oil stains;
    • the riveting must be uniform and identical;
    • Do not allow damage to the splines;
    • dampers, springs and lining should be free of play.

    We can buy quality kits at the manufacturer's price. We sell certified spare parts with an official factory warranty. A wide choice allows to pick up details for all existing models and years of release of a car with various types of manual transmission.

    In this section you can buy the Clutch for Lada Niva 1600.

  • Cooling system

    In the catalog of the PARTLADA store there is a wide range of radiators for the cooling system, nozzles, fans for Lada Niva cars. You can choose products from the list or call us for an individual order. All the details fully meet the factory requirements and are installed without problems.

    Efficiently functioning cooling system on LADA NIVA allows the engine to operate in the optimal mode, neither overloaded, nor overheating. But if there is an increase in the temperature of the engine, then something happened with the cooling system. The task of the car owner is to do everything possible to reduce the heating. We have the main elements of the cooling system for Lada Niva cars.

    Currently available for order:

    • radiators for cooling;
    • nipples of the cooling system;
    • cooling fans.

    The assortment is constantly expanding and replenished with new spare parts. All elements of the cooling system are certified and have a factory warranty. We offer original details, the quality of which is documented. The goods are available in stock, which allows you to quickly deliver orders.

    To place an order, add the necessary details to the cart and pay the order.

    In this section you can buy the Cooling system for Lada Niva 1600.

  • Electric

    In this section you can buy the Electric for Lada Niva 1600.

  • Engine Parts

    In this section you can buy the Engine Parts for Lada Niva 1600.

    The engine is the most important of car systems. Without an engine there is no movement, and therefore there is no car. By analogy with the structure of man, the engine is the heart of the car.
    In accordance with the purpose of the engine is a source of mechanical energy necessary for driving a car. In order to obtain mechanical energy, a different type of energy is converted into a car engine (energy of combustion of fuel, electrical energy, etc.). The source of energy should be directly on the car and periodically replenished.
    The transmission of mechanical energy from the engine to the drive wheels is carried out through the transmission. Constructive integration of the engine and transmission is the well-known name of the power plant.
    In this section you can purchase pistons, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rods, valves.

    The piston is the most characteristic part of an internal combustion engine, since it is with its help that the thermodynamic process of the engine is realized.
    The conditions in which the piston operates are extreme and are characterized by high pressure, temperature and inertial loads. Therefore, pistons on modern engines are made of lightweight, durable and heat-resistant material - aluminum alloy, less often of steel. Pistons are made in two ways - by injection molding or stamping, the so-called. forged pistons.

    The crankshaft is one of the most responsible and expensive structural elements of an internal combustion engine. It converts the reciprocating motion of the pistons into torque. The crankshaft perceives periodic variable loads from the pressure forces of the gases, as well as the inertial forces of the moving and rotating masses.
    The crankshaft of the engine, as a rule, is a solid structural element, therefore it is correct to call it a part. The shaft is made of steel by forging or cast iron by casting. On diesel and turbocharged engines more durable steel crankshafts are installed.

    The camshaft in the gas distribution mechanism provides for the implementation of the main function - the timely opening and closing of valves, due to which fresh air is drawn in and exhaust gases are released. In general, the camshaft controls the gas exchange process in the engine.
    To reduce inertial loads and increase the rigidity of the gas distribution mechanism elements, the camshaft should be located as close as possible to the valves. Therefore, the standard position of the camshaft on a modern engine in the cylinder head - the so-called. upper camshaft location.
    The gas distribution mechanism uses one or two camshafts per cylinder bank. In the single-shaft design, inlet and exhaust valves (two valves per cylinder) are serviced. In the two-shaft gas distribution mechanism, one shaft discusses intake valves, the other one - exhaust (two intake valves and two exhaust valves per cylinder).

    The connecting rod forms an important link between the piston and the crankshaft, transforming the translational movement of the former into the rotational movement of the latter.
    In the engine, the connecting rod is subjected to significant variable loads, varying from tension to compression. Therefore, it must be durable, tough and light. Connecting rods are made of steel by casting or hot stamping. On sports cars can be installed connecting rods made of titanium alloy.
    The design of the connecting rod varies depending on the type of engine and its layout. The length of the connecting rod largely determines the height of the engine. The connecting rod is conventionally divided into three parts: a rod, a piston and a crank head.

    The valves directly supply air to the cylinders (fuel / air mixture) and exhaust gases. The valve consists of a plate and a rod. On modern engines, the valves are located in the cylinder head, and the point of contact of the valve with it is called the seat. There are intake and exhaust valves. For better filling of cylinders, the diameter of the inlet valve plate is usually larger than the outlet.

    Our portal has a wide range of such products. We suggest you to buy engine parts on the LADA Niva 1600. Order quality accessories from well-known manufacturers right now to unlock the full potential of your car.

  • Exhaust System

    Exhaust system and components for cars Lada Niva.
    Need engine power? Increased fuel consumption? Was the exhaust system exhausted to Lada Niva? Please, contact us! Internet store PARTLADA offers a wide range of accessories and consumables. Here you can buy both a complete system and spare parts for it, as well as supplies and repair kits. All sold parts are certified, their quality and service life are confirmed by appropriate certificates.

    Tuning the exhaust system is the simplest and cheapest way to increase engine power. In addition, the replacement of elements may be required and to restore the functionality of the system. Although the knots on Russian cars are made of high-quality and wear-resistant materials, they burn through the use of poor-quality fuel.

    We can buy the following elements of exhaust systems Lada:

    • resonators;
    • elastic corrugations for silencers;
    • silencers;
    • inserts for replacement of catalytic converters of the fulfilled gases;
    • flanges;
    • various holders, gaskets and other details.

    The product catalog is constantly expanding and replenished with new product items, which allows you to choose the most suitable for the price and quality solution for your car.
    The use of the proposed components will increase the power plant's power by an average of 5-7% without a noticeable increase in fuel consumption. All parts are made of heat-resistant materials, resistant to corrosion and aggressive chemical components. They passed multilevel tests under the influence of loads, many times exceeding the average nominal. Elements of exhaust systems have precise geometric dimensions and shape, optimal internal diameter and configuration of pipes, are installed easily and without gaps.
    To buy the details or to specify the actual prices, write to us. You can also place an order on our website.

    In this section you can buy the Exhaust System for Lada Niva 1600.

  • Exterior

    In this section you can buy the Exterior for Lada Niva 1600.

  • Front/Rear Axle

    In this section you can buy the Front/Rear Axle for Lada Niva 1600.

  • Fuel system

    In this section you can buy the Fuel system for Lada Niva 1600.

  • Gearbox

    In this section you can buy the Gearbox for Lada Niva 1600.

  • Heating

    In this section you can buy the Heating for Lada Niva 1600.

  • Interior

    In this section you can buy the interior for Lada Niva 1600.

  • Steering

    In this section you can buy the Steering for Lada Niva 1600.

  • Suspension

    In this section you can buy the Suspension for Lada Niva 1600.

  • Transfer Case

    In this section you can buy the Transfer Case for Lada Niva 1600.

  • Wheels

    In this section you can buy the Wheels for Lada Niva 1600.

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