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Brake drums

In this section you can buy the brake drums for Lada 2101-2107.

About brake drums LADA:
The rear brake system of VAZ cars consists of several elements: a brake cylinder, pads and a drum. The brake effect is realized when the liquid enters the cylinder through the tubes, which in turn presses the pads against the drum. They are of two types:

Aluminum with cast iron insert on the inside;
completely cast-iron.
In connection with the fact that during the braking there is a strong heating of the parts, it was necessary to use materials with high resistance to wear. It is for this reason that the friction parts are made of cast iron steel. Brake drums are very durable, they can serve 100 thousand km or more without replacement. It all depends on the style of driving, aggressive acceleration and braking reduces the service life of both brake pads and drums. Therefore, when replacing consumables, you need to evaluate the state of the parts yourself.