Heated seats LADA NIVA 1600 1700

1.800 kg


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Almost every modern car is equipped with factory heated seats, but unfortunately not every configuration of LADA models available this device. Heated seats in the car it is very comfortable and an essential attribute of the winter season. Many motorists do not have car startup, or heated seats, not familiar pleasant sensation when in the thirty degree cold to sit on a cold seat.

The product is made according to the formula:
Length of the heating filament is the resistance of a material is the voltage

It means - heating the thread of this length, at a voltage of 12.5-13.5 Volts, can not heat more than 53 degrees Celsius.

Fabric-based heater made of non-combustible material.
Heating nichrome filament is a fluoropolymer.
Together, the probability of ignition products is completely excluded.

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