Lada Niva 3 Door Roof Side rail Kit Grey


5.500 kg


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Specifications (Roof LADA 4x4)
Roof designed for a three-door car LADA 4x4 (LADA 4x4) any age.
The original design developed specifically for this car.
High quality materials and components - reinforced aluminum profile with protective and decorative anodic coating and ABS - plastic with a protective layer, which prevents burning and discoloration.
Installation method - screw fitting through the holes in the bodywork performed in areas of the roof arrangement amplifiers.
Load capacity - 50 kg, according to the automaker recommended maximum permissible load on the roof of the car..
Static load railing not less than 100kg. High load capacity provided rigidity metal design railing.
Railing length - 1400mm.

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